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Indigo V pop music artist

Toronto born and bred pop songstress, Indigo V, invites you into her world with her distinct voice and addictive hooks. Indigo grew up with the voices of The Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera, hypnotized by the choreographed videos and captivating performances, music and dance became her escape and ultimate driving force. Fusing her musical roots in pop with her love of hip hop and R&B, Indigo's songs bounce with lyrical precision and hip swaying beats, telling stories of passionate encounters, lovers, heartbreaks and inner resilience.


The Métis singer’s debut EP Attitude makes a bold entrance in 2023, celebrating her duality of sweet and spicy. Often underestimated for her innocent demeanour, Indigo V bites back “Quick wit dough eyes get it how I want it f*** being polite” in the EP’s title track. She takes the listener from featherlight soprano vocals to sultry, punchy tones mastering sonic dynamics making for an enticing four-song experience. Produced by JUNO winning producers, Lantz (Jazz Cartier) and David Ariza (Charmaine), this collection of songs exudes a playful sauciness that’s hard to resist. 


Indigo V has performed on Global News and most recently took to the stage at the 2023 Tkaronto Music Festival. She’d been featured on Wonderland Magazine’s weekly Wonderlist and Apple Music editorial playlists such as New In Dance, New Music Daily and Breaking Dance. In a feature with SOCAN Words and Music Magazine in 2020, they proclaimed, “Indigo’s burgeoning career is bound to go through some transformation, and we can’t wait to see what role she takes on next.”

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